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An all mountain ski is going to perform well in a variety of conditions. A good selection for that one ski quiver to tackle any day on the mountain. If adding to the quiver or just skiing on certain conditions, then carefully choosing the ideal conditions will provide the best experience for those days. We would all love to ski powder everyday but let's face it, powder skis on the hardpack can be tiresome.

If unsure on feel, right in the middle — neutral — is a good place to start. In general, a more powerful ski is going to provide a more "locked in" feel (e.g. more effective edge) to power through turns at higher speeds. A more playful ski is going to provide a "looser" feel allowing for easier maneuverability it tight situations or just a more easygoing ride.

Freestyle: riding switch, boosting jumps, throwing spins, etc.
Trees: frequently visiting the tight gladed areas.
Touring: setup for exploring the backcountry.
Junior: sizing up the little rippers.

Beginners will be sized to a shorter ski length to provide for more forgiveness and easier maneuverability. Experts will be sized to a longer ski length to provide for better stability in more demanding situations.

Height and weight are both factored into selecting ski length.

Feel free to follow through and submit this form if you have any questions on the provided recommendations. We are here to help.