Arbutus Routes Custom Graphic

The creative process is undoubtedly an arduous, mentally taxing affair. Taking a vision from the realm of your consciousness and condensing it down into some sort of tangible, consumable item is a rewarding but risky venture. Taking someone else’s vision and attempting to do the same thing can be downright perilous, but it appears that artist, Darren Camplin, was more than up to the task. He has contributed his latest creation to collaborative effort between Skevik Skis and Whistler based adventure travel and bike company, Arbutus Routes. We had arranged to do a custom, Anton topsheet graphic with the owner of Arbutus Routes, Matt Delany, but at the time he only possessed a fleeting, roughly hewn concept of the end product he wanted to see. So, armed with our required parameters of dimensions, resolution and digital file type, he approached Camplin with his apparition, hoping he would be the man for the job. A lot of hard work, love and paint, obviously, were poured onto a giant canvas, the end result being a stunning example of Delany’s vision, processed through Camplin's mind and abilities. Incorporating elements of the Whistler winter with coastal mountain scenery and the twisting, convoluted mass of the instantly recognizable arbutus menziesii, the painting has translated to the unique world of ski graphics exceptionally well.

We couldn’t be happier with the result of our first custom project and look forward to future endeavours of this nature.

As a passionate skier the thought of having a custom ski graphic for Arbutus Routes became top of the list for marketing projects. Arbutus Routes operates during the summer out of Whistler and specializes as a bike shop and adventure travel operation. Linking three local businesses together in this project was an easy fit. Working with the creative genius of artist Darren Camplin and the proven ski design from the Anderson brothers at Skevik, the project was super fun and the end product shows the amount of love that went into these fine planks.Matt Delany

Check out Arbutus Routes and the works of Darren Camplin:

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