Confused on what model is best suited for you? Welcome to the Ski Finder! We will further educate you on the Skevik collection and help you narrow down the ski for you. We have broken down the ski attributes to skier ability, mountain conditions, and ski flex. These comparisons are to show how each model differs from one another.

Once you decide on the model, the next question is ski length. We can point you in the right direction but there are various factors to consider, including personal preference. A good place to start is looking at your old skis. Did that length work for you? For an advanced skier, we suggest choosing a ski length that is roughly your height. If you're an intermediate skier or looking for an easier to maneuver ski, size down to around your nose. Beginners can consider sizing ski to chin level. Experts may choose to size up above their height to provide more stability at higher speeds. The running length and effective edge of a ski is also something not to overlook when selecting a ski length. For example, the Anton has an abrupt rocker in tip and tail which provides for a shorter effective edge on the hardpack. Therefore, it is best to size up on the Anton if you were stuck deciding between two lengths.

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