Karl Jr

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When it comes to junior skis there are not many options for high performance skis. That is why we have taken the same quality craftsmanship and premium materials used in our adult collection and created the Karl Jr. To make that happen with the junior price tag, we are doing a limited production run.

The Karl is designed for that kid looking to excel: freeski hard in big-mountain terrain, style it out in the park, stomp airs on the big air site, pound the bumps and fiercely compete at events. The Karl is that playful yet stable ski to excel in all conditions. The Karl was developed and tested exclusively with the Silver Star Freestyle Club, the largest freestyle club in Canada!

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Finest Materials

Maple wood is processed into vertically laminated cores, creating the solid foundation of all our skis. Each core is CNC machined in-house to define a precise flex pattern. The end-grain of the core is protected by UHMW tipfill while the sidewalls expose maple's natural beauty. Linseed oil is applied for further enhancements. For more sidewall info, check this blog post.

Building on our core strength, we layer triaxial fiberglass both above and below, with strips of unidirectional carbon on the bottom layer. This adds pop and increases the strength-to-weight ratio.

The sliding surface is the finest 4001 sintered UHMW base you can find. All our bases are black with coloured die-cut logos, making them simple, fast and more durable than the clear sublimated bases that are popular throughout the industry.

Our steel edges are hardened, sandblasted and primed for bonding, using Kevlar at the end to reinforce and tie into the ski. You won’t find edges on our tips and tails as they add unnecessary weight and are in an area that's prone to delaminating.

To bond everything together we bring in Super Sap resin. Entropy Resins exchanges petroleum for renewable plant-based carbon with no compromises, helping us produce great skis with a lower environmental impact. We also use rubber to improve bonding between the dissimilar materials.

The skis are finished and protected by the most durable, chip-resistant nylon topsheet you can find. Essential when you have a collection of amazing artists’ hard work to show off.