#SkevikSponsorMe 2013

Sponsor Me, Skevik Skis. Please.

We are looking for a new team member to represent Skevik Skis. It’ll score you two sets of skis for the upcoming winter along with t-shirts, hats and toques to put on your body and on your head. Plus you can tell everyone you’re a sponsored skier and successfully convince a few more members of the opposite sex that you’re slightly more attractive than you really are.

To fill the most recent slot we’ve decided to do something drastic. We’ve ditched the time-honored methods of the corporate and political world where “who you know” is valued above all else, and thrown this opportunity out to anyone and everyone who thinks they have what it takes. So, here’s what it takes:

  • Sign-up – This will be a Canadian holiday spectacular, running from Thanksgiving, October 14, until Remembrance Day, November 11, inclusive. Throughout that time all interested parties will be required to sign up through our Facebook page.
  • Pictures – NO MORE than FIVE pictures showing why you should represent Skevik, uploaded to Instagram and tagged #SkevikSponsorMe and @skevikskis. That’s right, no more than five. Five or less. You can put up four, but don’t even think about six. Ensure your account is public so we can view.
  • Video – One video, THREE MINUTES or LESS in length, uploaded to Vimeo and tagged, naturally, “SkevikSponsorMe”.

So, that’s all that is required to get your name on the ballot. Just make sure to sign-up and post your materials sometime between Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day (October 14 and November 11 for you non-Canucks). All ages, sexes and nationalities welcome. Judging will commence immediately afterwards and a winner will be announced on November 18, 2013.

Now, a few things we are looking for:

  • Make no mistake, ski skills are first and foremost. Be good. We aren’t looking for any specific type of skier, just a good one. So be good and show us you’re good.
  • Represent with class and style. Be kind to strangers.
  • Spread the word. We want exposure, so show us you can expose people. The easiest way to translate that into this contest, lots of “likes” and “views” for your entry materials. So get your materials up sooner than later. They won’t be the final, determining factor for who wins, but those entries with great exposure will be looked upon favourably.

Okay, enough of the rules. Good luck to all. Let’s see some cool things.

Photo - Matthew Butterworth
Submissions Closed
Welcome to the team Miguel Rodden!