Dumontet Heritage Graphic

Since our inception, the graphics used for our topsheets have largely been accumulated from friends and friends of friends, with what we feel have been both unique and enjoyable results. However, this season we decided to jump out of our comfort zone a little and approach an artist who we really wanted to work with on a project.

Dumontet graphic on Loken116 model.

Skevik Skis is named after our Great Grandfather, Anton Skevik, from Norway and we wanted to honour him through one of our graphics. We had some old photos to work with but weren’t exactly sure how to combine things into a coherent, meaningful and aesthetic design for a topsheet. After seeing the artwork of Okanagan based Liz Dumontet at UBCO showing in the Vernon Public Art Gallery, we felt quite strongly that she could be the one to make our ideas come to life. Check out her work at lizdumontet.com lizranney.com After some back and forth with Liz, we decided on a heritage-style graphic of Anton Skevik. Born in Steinkjer, Norway in 1883, he eventually migrated to Canada and worked in Watrous, Saskatchewan as a carpenter, looking after the ice rink during the winter. He eventually made his way to Vancouver and ended up retiring there, after working in the boatyards. The final graphic incorporates elements from his life in Norway and Canada, showcasing the house he was born in, a portrait from both his early and later years, and the shipyard in Vancouver where he worked.

This was a great first experience for us and we’re looking forward to working with many different artists as Skevik continues to grow. If you’re interested in working with us on a graphic, don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas and a portfolio of previous work.