#SkevikSponsorMe 2014

Our first ever sponsorship contest, #SkevikSponsorMe, was held at the beginning of last season, and after seeing all the amazing talent out there, setting up round two was an easy decision. With winter now on the snowsliders’ minds, we’re about to get the second annual #SkevikSponsorMe contest rolling. Ski skills are key but so are social media skills, show us you can generate great content and exposure. So gather your footage and photos, get ready to make an impression, and take note of the rules as we’d like to see everyone who wants in, to be in. Here they are:

  • Sign up - Keeping with our Canadian Holiday Theme from last year, the contest will run from Thanksgiving to Remembrance Day. That means that sometime between October 13, 2014 and November 11, 2014 you’ll need to hit the entry link below and get your materials up on the internet.
  • Pictures - Post and tag up to two (2) new photos/clips per week on Instagram. The tags, #SkevikSponsorMe and @SkevikSkis, will be required for all entries. This is a slight adjustment from last year and means that those who are in early have the ability to add more photos to their entry, which could give them a slight advantage. View calendar below to help your planning. Content must be newly posted and tagged during each week. No tagging old content.
    Make sure your account is public as we’ll need to see your shots to judge them, and if your tagged content were to end up on Facebook/Twitter we might look at that as a slight advantage as well. If things are close at the end, you definitely want slight advantages. Using all social networks effectively will ensure we don’t overlook any content.
  • Video - One video, 90 SECONDS or LESS in length, uploaded to Vimeo and tagged, naturally, #SkevikSponsorMe. Slight adjustment again from last year so jam your best footage into a short enjoyable edit. If you want to get fancy, download Skevik logo below. Facebook posting definitely won’t hurt you here either. Check out Miguel Rodden’s winning entry from the inaugural competition below.
Post two new photos/clips per week as scheduled above.

Everyone from everywhere with every kind of style is welcome. Don’t be shy Big Mountain Slayers, you’ve got equal opportunity here. Age, sex, and/or nationality provide no barrier to ending up on top of this year’s contest. The sponsorship will start off with one pair of Skevik Skis, two stylish Skevik toques, two lovely Skevik hats, one standout Skevik t-shirt, a whole pile of stickers and sponsored skier bragging rights.

Good luck to all! We’re stoked to see what everyone was up to last season and whole heartedly welcome all those who entered last year’s contest to sign up again. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for any updates along the way, and we’ll announce the winner at the end of the final week.

#SkevikSponsorMe winning video entry from last year.
Submissions Closed
Welcome to the team Liam Kelly!