Silvertip Heliskiing Custom Graphic

Silvertip Custom Skis

Silvertip Heliskiing is a newcomer to the Canadian market but it joins the scene with a very experienced lodge and tenure. The Silvertip Lodge sits at the east end of Quesnel Lake and has done so since 1967. It was originally constructed and operated as a fishing destination, accessing the trophy trout waters in the lake and surrounding streams. The exploration of the winter side of things began in 2002, when Canadian Mountain Holidays stepped up and purchased the place, running high-end heliskiing trips there until 2009, when they closed up shop and sold the 14 acre, lakeshore property.

Silvertip Lodge
Silvertip Lodge. Photo - Silvertip
Quesnel Lake
Quesnel Lake. Photo - Silvertip
Silvertip Heli
Photo - Silvertip

Up until last season it was operated as a “members-only” style club that was essentially a private lodge. However, new owners have come to the plate again and with some investment and healthy dose of elbow grease, prepared the lodge and business to once again welcome the public.

Skevik was happy to help in the efforts by partnering with Silvertip on a fleet of skis for their new guests. The model of choice was the Loken 116, in a variety of sizes, and the graphic collaboration was provided by Bang! MediaWorks out of West Vancouver, making it a true, homemade, British Columbia effort.

Silvertip Custom Graphic
Silvertip Heliskiing Custom Graphic on Loken116-188.

We’re always looking for new collaborators to produce unique custom graphics for our skis. Last season featured three team efforts with Silvertip being joined by Keefer Lake Catskiing and Aslan Brewing. We’ve also joined up with Kingfisher Helisking and our original project was with Whistler based bike shop, Arbutus Routes. As you can see, we’re not just interested in ski companies. If you’ve got an idea, we’d love to hear from you.

Silvertip Skiing
Photo - Silvertip