Triumph Coffee Exhibit

Loken skis displayed above booths at Triumph Coffee
Loken106 with Giovando graphic. Photo - Geoff Holman

Once you’ve experienced quality, it’s hard to live without it. Just like our handmade ski construction process, every cup of Triumph Coffee starts with a careful selection of beans before being converted into liquid gold for your adventure’s fuel.

We are inspired by Vernon’s tight-knit community of people who lead outdoor, active lifestyles and you are the reason brands like Skevik and Triumph Coffee exist. Whether it’s a pair of skis customized with your length, width and graphic of choice or a bowl of granola and a cup of joe made to your taste, we are here to make your day the best one yet.

To thank you for your sheer awesomeness, we have teamed up with our pals at Triumph Coffee to give away a pair of 2017/18 skis of your choice. That’s right, all you have to do is indulge in a cup of Triumph Coffee — or go all out and take down the hearty Triumph Salad Bowl.

Anton skis handmade in Vernon BC
Anton122 with Stein graphic. Photo - Geoff Holman
Geoff Holman print surrounded by Anton and Anders skis
Geoff Holman print between Anton 102/112 and Anders. Photo - Geoff Holman
Sevrin skis displayed in Triumph Coffee's meeting room
Sevrin with WKND custom graphic displayed in meeting room.
Purchased coffee next to Win Skis ballot box
Receive a ballot with every purchase to enter for a chance to win skis.

From October 1st to November 30th you will receive a ballot with every purchase at Triumph Coffee to enter for a chance to win skis. It’s that simple.

Visit Triumph Coffee in downtown Vernon and fuel up for your next adventure, catch up with friends, schedule a business meeting or go on a solo mission and drool over the 2017/18 line-up hanging throughout the café. There is also a backcountry lifestyle-inspired photography exhibit from Okanagan based photographer, Geoff Holman. Geoff is passionate about capturing the culture and beauty of British Columbia’s backcountry and has been working with Skevik for over five years. One of Geoff’s photos just recently made the September cover of Ski Canada Magazine.

Triumph Coffee menu
The menu at Triumph Coffee in Vernon, BC.

Triumph stands for more than just an outstanding cup of coffee. They provide a contemporary, airy space that cultivates creativity; a space where family and friends can spend quality time together and; a space that community groups, professionals and students alike can be productive in. Above all, Triumph's focus is on quality and hospitality.