Cambium CNC

We don't only manufacture skis

Cambium is the growing layer under the tree's bark. The cambium is most active during the Spring and slows down heading into the Winter. This growth cycle defines the tree's annual rings. Introducing Cambium CNC for Skevik Skis' off-season.

Okanagan Valley

We are located in Vernon, BC and have provided CNC services from Vancouver to Toronto.

CNC Router Table

Our 5' x 8' CNC machine can accommodate 4' x 8' and 5' x 5' sheets. Create accurate parts with complex 2D contours to 3D surfaces.


We can machine plywood, hardwood, MDF, plastic, foam, Alupanel and more. We also have a tangential knife to slice thin materials. You can drop off the material or we can help source the appropriate material.


The possibilities are endless: product prototyping, production runs, retail signs, point-of-sale displays, exhibits, architecture models, stencils, templates, engraving, etc.

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