April 02, 2015

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Lacheur's Backcountry Dreaming

This time we worked closer together on the idea and image striving to create something that depicted the ‘perfect ski day’. . . . I took at lot of direction from the guys at Skevik to let me know what exactly the perfect ski day looked like. Powder and pillows in the backcountry were key plus capturing the mountain to water feel that we are so lucky to have here in beautiful BC!April Lacheur

April Lacheur has launched a brand new website, YapesPaints.com, along with a recent blog on her most recent graphic for Skevik Skis. You can also find all of April's collaborations with Skevik Skis.

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March 31, 2015

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March 10, 2015

Vancouver Sun

The small, local manufacturer also differentiates itself from the giants with a brand focused on its Canadian roots, and with top sheet design personalization options. Now, with seven different models that are each created to withstand and perform in varying terrain and snow conditions — from groomers to powder and all-mountain to park — the Andersons are celebrating their decade of ski building.Vancouver Sun

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February 02, 2015

Kingfisher Heliskiing Custom Fleet

They [Skevik] have been on my personal ski radar for some time now. I love the fact that this ski fits within my hundred mile ski diet, and love to support local companies that deliver up shreddable products. We are both small companies that cater to a specific unique market. Matt “Pinto” Devlin, Owner/Guide at Kingfisher Heliskiing
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January 22, 2015

January 02, 2015

Science of Snow: Avalanche Forecasting

Last season, Skevik launched a blog series entitled, “Science of Snow”. It featured the research, findings, and general ramblings of aspiring PhD Student, expert snow-shredder, and occasional purple onesie wearer, Scott Thumlert.

Over the summer and fall, Scott managed to successfully defend his thesis and was awarded his doctorate from the Applied Snow and Avalanche Research Department at the University of Calgary. You can now address him has Dr. Snowflake, or not.

Thankfully for us, Scott’s research career is not ending and he’ll be stationed back up at Mike Wiegle’s Heli-Ski operation, poking around in the snow, working on moving from an Assistant ACMG Guide to full, and putting down a few thoughts for us every once in a while. Here’s the first.

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October 28, 2014

Skevik Skis Sweepstakes

Winter is near and we're hosting a giveaway for a set of Skevik Skis. Scroll down below to ENTER! You can gain up to 10 entries by performing a variety of tasks. Want to gain an additional 10, for a total of 20 entries? Share the Skevik Skis Sweepstakes with your friends.

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October 28, 2014

Ski Sizing

As the number of ski shapes, profiles, flexes, gimmicks, and doodads continually expand every year, those that might be considered new to the sport can face real difficulties when trying to figure out just what length of ski is going to work for them.

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